There are a number of advantages or reason for using a corporate entity either as a stand-alone vehicle or as part of a more complex financial structure:

To hold Intellectual Property or Image Rights
Tax structuring
To hold Investment Portfolios

The Guernsey Companies Law has been regularly revised to ensure that it remains applicable to the ever-changing global financial environment. The recently established Guernsey Registry with its state of the art technology offers a fast track incorporation process that can be as quick as 15 minutes, setting a world benchmark. This, together with a number of advantages of a Guernsey company, often makes it the jurisdiction of choice for a corporate entity. Imperium can however manage entities incorporated in a number of other jurisdictions should they be more appropriate in specific circumstances.

In a world where risk management is at the core of everything we do, Imperium ensures that all statutory reporting and corporate administration obligations are met in a timely manner and with the highest level of accuracy.

Whilst the most common type of entity is the standard Limited Liability Company, other options are also available such as Protected Cell companies (PCCs) and Incorporated Cell Companies (ICCs)


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