Rhona Humphreys Operations Director

Rhona joined the company in 2012 in the combined role of Client Services Director and Chief Operating Officer, bringing with her 25 years’ experience in the Guernsey fiduciary sector

Previously Rhona was Director of locally-based Ardel Trust Company, where she was responsible for  the organisation’s trust and company management and administration team. This included work relating to property investment, employee benefit trusts, trading relationships, pension products, limited partnerships and New Zealand trusts to name a few.

Rhona also has experience running managed trust services for third parties who want the benefits of being in Guernsey whilst not wanting to establish their own trust companies. Additionally she played a large part in developing policies and procedures enabling efficient and effective client service, whilst maintaining an appropriate level of control over a client’s affairs.

Rhona is a member of STEP, a Fellow of the Institute of Directors, and currently the Vice Chairman of the Guernsey Association of Trustees.  In her spare time Rhona enjoys playing badminton, reading, keeping fit and spending time with her family.

Email: rhona.humphreys@imperiumtrust.com

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